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Ever since the Greek era, Trogir was a targeted destination for many artists, writers, culturists, bohemians and wondering travelers. Each of them was drawn by the multiple colors of Trogir. Use the palettes spectra of blue, green, gold and purple to draw the picture of your desire; so let’s find your color!


Deauville Green Awards

Kairos is the Greek god of happiness as well as the town’s most famous relief. He is a young boy who has wings on his feet and back and as fast as a speeding bullet.

As the legend says, the idea is to catch him by his tuft when he flies by - this is how you catch your happy moment.

The story is about a young sculptor who finds his happy moment in Trogir, he finds love.

We like to believe that Trogir in its ways helps you find your happy moment which you can define either as a relaxing holiday, an enjoyable outing,

a historic lecture or maybe even by finding love?

Let’s hope you come and find out!



Are you arriving by land, air or water? Imagine! The beautiful blue sky, impeccable white stones, scorching yellow sun, cold blue water and salt on your body - can you conjure a more relaxing day? So are you blue?

Once the sun sets on this ancient town its hues of grey to golden brown shimmer in sparkles. History has been written in its streets and walls; every stone has its own story, carried into history by its streets. So are you gold?

The botanical garden of Garagnin  Fanfogna is full of trees, bushes and plants which have colored the town green with its many varieties which have beem brought to this arboretum from all over the world. The Island of Čiovo has a bike and hiking route which will introduce you to the original green of Trogir - just look for the olive trees - so are you green?

The orange-red sky at sunset sets the mood for the night to come. The darkness sets in and the night-lights turn on, a kaleidoscope of colors making a misty purple sky. The music surrounds the air. As your walking down the street you will hear disco, evergreen and old traditional music. Pick a place to sit and decide if you are purple?


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