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Trogir is a small island connected to the main land with a bridge from the north and to the island of Čiovo by a bridge from the south.

Incorporated into the Trogir region are two islands - Drvenik Veli and Drvenik Mali - known for their beautiful beaches in the area referred to as the ‘‘Blue Lagoon’’. Here you can experiance the clear sky changing colors ranging from hues of blue to green, above its sandy bottom, allow yourself to be mesmerized!

Are you in search of a get-away, a day for a picnic, love get-away or a day alone with the family? Choose on of the Drvenik islands! They are highly recomended and enticing.

Are you BLUE?

Can you imagine a pristine sea, ancient Greek buildings, stone houses and a spectacularly beautiful sunset infront of you? Or imagine a hot summer day under the blue sky pedaling in your kayak behind the islands of Čiovo with the air so clear, the islands of Brač and Šolta are in your grasp, the blue water and shadows of distant islands cast you into meditation?  

What a fulfilling choice for a day to put your mind to pasture - rent a kayak, pedal arround, let the colors of blue sink into your mind and body with a good chance a dolphine will come to greet you.

The hues of blue can best be seen under water, while the sun dances on the surface from sunrise to sunset.

Trogir and its surrounding area offer you the opportunity to go diving - ranging from discovery dives to night diving for the more experianced. So take this opportune moment - Kairos - to dive into the deep blue and explore the sea life; multiple species of fish, plants and clams.

On the cliffs of the Island of Čiovo an opportunity to pet a lobster might present itself.

It’s an adventure you won’t want to miss!

There are two diving centers in Trogir Blue Nautica and Diving centar Trogir - check them out!

Where there is water there are water sports!

Trogir and its surrounding area have numerous  beaches offering an assprtment of water sports; paragliding, jet-skis, water tubes, and bananas. The list is endless!

Each beach offers its assortment of picnic areas, cafes, restaurants or lounges. All you have to do is choose the most beautiful beach with the bluest sky on a day the sky is the bluest, and let the day plan its own course.


Tip: Along the beaches and streets of Trogir there are many tourist booths which can help you plan your days: fish picnics, trips, excursions, renting boats, bikes etc.