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Traveling back in time, about 600 years in the past, when Trogir was an important cultural center and its street were vibrating with noblemen and craftsmen, its markets offered a spectrum of goods and activities, handmande jewlery and cratfs. Every year durring the MEDIEVAL FAIR, Trogir is once more transformed into its past glory. Experiance it and join us in Trogir in Spring.

As you walk through the streets in present day, you will encounter noblemen dressed in their finest adorned with their jewels and golden crowns while ordinary folk dressed are dressed in their simple golden brown costumes. Sounds of banging attrackt your attention  as craftsmen are hammering hourseshoes with murmur in the background. You will experiance  the present and past colliding on Trogir’s stage.

Are you GOLD?

H.A.N.D.S. festival represents Croatia’s tangible cultural heritage. Each year in spring Trogir invites representatives of traditional crafts to participate in this unique display of almost forgotten cook-outs of indegenous recipies, hands on pottery work-shops, art exhibits and ethno-dancing in traditional costumes. For three days the town vibrates with tourists eager to experiance the life culture of our great-grandfathers represented in Trogir through the  H.A.N.D.S. festival.

Please stay tuned on our website where we will be posting the exact period in spring when the festival will be held. You are invited to come and experiance it first hand.

If you cannot experiance H.A.N.D.S. festival, there is another one eagerly waiting for you. Discover the richness offered by the TROGIRSKA INTRADA festival. Intrada - meaning yield, fruits of hard labor, results of year long labor on farm - defines the purpose of the festival. Its goal is to promote small producers of original domestic products, healthy food, medicinal preparations, family farming, craftsmen devoted to preserving old crafts and Croatian agro-tourism.

INTRADA offers you a wide spectrum of healthy foods, ecological fruits and vegetables, medicinal herbs, wines, olive oil, honey products and natural cosmetics. All of these are on display throughout the towns streets, an open market where you can buy these products.


Trogir architecture ranges from Greek, to Romanic, Gothic, Austro-Hungarian and modern. Its exterior stone facades are ingrained with history, while its interiors are mini museums of relics, statues, furniture enriched with gold, religious icons and books as old as the town istelf. History encapsulated in Trogir is waiting for you to absorb its richness.

Cathedral of St. Lawrence is renowed for its  portal by master Radovan, dating back to the 13th ct. Our Pinakoteka, town’s museum, displays a rich collection of iconic paintings. Touring the two facilities of castle Kamerlengo and Saint Marco built by the Venetians, you will understand the military reasons why they were built on this location. Don’t bypass the benedictine monastery of St. Nicholas - the official keeper of Trogir’s symbol Kairos. One of  the most beautiful loggia in the Mediterranean becons you as your eyes are absorbing all of the treasures on the main town’s square. The towns museum holds the oldest secrets of Trogir. There is so much to see!