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The Trogir summer festival is an annual event from July to September. Within these months, Trogir offers music, dance, concerts, plays, exhibitions and art displays.


Please download the program to see details about time and place.

Trogir Summer Festival

July - September

Award-winning Croatian Techno festival returns 9+10+11 August, 2018 and reveals headliners.


Established and designed for true techno heads, Moondance, in the past 5 years has become synonyms for its quality techno performed by the best djs and live PA's. With it's carefully picked artists, high end sound system, video artists, amazing location, production workshops, lots of fun and the best crowd, Moondance festival provides an unforgettable experience for every true techno lover.



''Discover Croatia in all its glory - Urban edge meets historic splendour. Relatively untouched, Croatia is comprised of charismatic harbour towns, smooth sailing, fantastic forts, spectacular inland waterfalls and a stunning Adriatic coastline.'' - 



Party, meet the people

Acclimatise to the simplicity of life at sea and head over to Trogir. Marvel at the gorgeous architecture and delicious local cuisine before enjoying your first evening with The Yacht Week.


The Nightingales of Trogir is a festival in honor of our most memorable ''Nightingale'' Vinko Coce, whose voice can be measured with the infamous Pavarotti. Every year the festival brings together many Croatian singers who sing his most notable songs. The festival is held within the walls of the castle Kamerlengo which is a small auditorium - bouncing echoes off its walls making the most beautiful sounds!


Nightingales of Kamerlengo




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